With in innovative design this achieves a high seal pressure of 30cm H2O.Reusable 40 times.
It features the LMA Evolution Curve airway tube that is automatically shaped for insertion success and designed to allow gastric access.Single Use Only.
It is designed and tested by Dr.A.I.J.Brain,FFARCSI FRCA(Hon)-inventor of laryngeal mask airway. Reusable 40 times.
This is used most often for spontaneously breathing patients.It may also be used for assisted and controlled ventilation upto 20cm H2O. Single use only
The essential airway designed for the anticipated or unanticipated difficult airway situation. Available in single and reusable models.
shared airways need flexibility.It is ideal for opthamlic and dental surgery.Single Use only
shared airways need flexibility.It is ideal for opthamlic and dental surgery.
It has high success rate in placing with integrated bite guard.Available in 3,4,5 sizes with high first Seal and high patient comfort. Single use only.
Atomize topical anaestheticinto nose/ mouth/ throat using MADgic™ Bend MADgic™ stylet into a 90 degree curve, slip past tongue and atomize additional anaesthetic into glottic area. Position patient for intubation, atomize anaesthetic onto vocal cords and you are now ready to intu
LMA MAD Nasal™, Needle-Free Intranasal Drug Delivery
Maximum protection of fiberoptic scope Topical anesthetic atomization Easy side loading of ETT One size allows wide range of ETTs Oxygen delivery directly to glottic opening
LMA MADomizer™ is a reusable bottle atomizer with a positive displacement pump for delivering a variety of medications to the nose and hypopharynx. It is commonly used as an ENT office procedure atomizer in clinics around the world. LMA MADomizer™ is unique from its competition because it is a v
LMA MADdy™ pediatric laryngo-tracheal mucosal atomization device consists of a small atomizing tip at the end of a flexible applicator that is partially concealed by a colorful, child-friendly blowfish and used for dispensing topical medications to the nose,mouth, throat, hypopharynx, larynx and t
Medication delivery beyond the ETT tip results in more rapid and higher peak blood levels than nebulised or endotracheally injected medication Clinician knows how much gets into the system No drug waste running down the ETT
Atomized particles are gently dispersed across a broad area of the mucosa for optimal coverage Greater patient comfort – no coughing or gagging Saves time with less stress – faster throughput
Patients often fear potential post-operative pain more than the surgical procedure itself. LMA AutoFuser™ pumps can ease their concerns and improve their recovery experience.