A sleek single channel ECG featuring automatic and manual recording modes and capable of 200 standard ECGs on a fully charged new battery.
An elegant interpretive 3 channel LCD based and network ready ECG with selectable printing length of 2.5 to 10 secs on 80 mm thermal paper
A rugged Single Channel ECG with thermal printing on 50 mm paper, electronic lead selection and 100 standard ECG recording with a fully charged new battery.
6 Channel ECG recorder featuring 5.7 LCD display, with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition QWERTY keyboard and rechargeable Battery.
12 Channel ECG recorder featuring 5.7 high resolution display, up to 100 ECG's in internal memory with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition QWERTY keyboard.
Cardiart 9408-12 Channel ECG Machine
Intellix range of X-Ray systems with mobile and fixed configurations of 100mA, 300mA, 500mA, 800mA and C-Arm.
hand held, battery operated with FHR detection and water proof probe.
Patient Monitor
Public Access Defibrillator
Halogen HPX provides 30% more bright, white light output for true tissue color and long lasting performance.
With "AA" handle small, convenient and easy to use with bright, white halogen light and a built-in throat illuminator.
Offering you clear, live and still images of the ear canal and tympanic membrane.
Uses halogen light for tissue color and consistent, long lasting illumination.28 focusing lenses with range of -25 to +40 diopters.
Lightweight, compact diagnostic instrument. Halogen light for true tissue color. 48 focusing lenses for better resolution.
Innovative, opetical design known as Axial Point Source Optics. PanOptic will greatly enhance funduscopic exams.
3.5 Ophthalmoscope head, Otoscope head with common handle, C-cell battery and case for secure storage and easy portability.
It offers diagnostic instruments all in one easy to install wall mounted unit providing for highly cost effective solutions to meet.
Enhanced light output makes refractions easier than ever by producing one of the brightest, sharpest, and clearest streaks available.
The smart choice for airway management. Stronger by design uses a single piece of 304 series stainless steel as its load bearing member.
Provide comfort, Reliability, and surpassed auscultation capabilities to healthcare providers around the world
From Mercury, to Aneroid, to the first and only gear-free, shock-resistant aneroid Durashock that delivers unprecedented durability with prolonged accuracy
solid procedure headlights that provides cool,bright, white light for procedures and examinations.
This portable Binocular Microscope with unique converging stereoscopic viewing system lets you focus light exactly where its needed most
Spot adjustment from 20mm to 75 mm at 16" operating distance . Mannual dimmer provides control of light output from 0% to 100%.
Fast and accurate providing 4 second oral, 10 second pediatric axillary, 15 second adult axillary, and 10 second rectal measurements.
Engineered to take temperatures easily and accurately with the click of a button
Interpretive 12 lead multichannel ECG, Non graphical preview scree / ECG color preview screen, alphanumeric keyboard, AHA patient cable.
Now you can capture vital signs faster, easier, and more reliably. It has the flexibility to customize it to meet your specific needs.
the first person on the scene of SCA, by using the straight forward and proven rescue approach used in administering life saving treatment without losing time.
Pulse oxymeter with plethysmorgram waveform and variable bar graph for SpO signal strength
Features two parameters ECG and SpO2 on 5.7 LCD monitor with 24 hrs vital sign data storage and recall
Features NiBP,SpO2 and Pulse rate parameters on 5.7 blue LCD and tiltable screen with graphic and tabular trends.
Features ECG,NiBP,SpO2 on 5.7 blue LCD and tiltable screen with pitch tone variation for SpO2 and graphical and tabular trends.
7" color and tiltable TFT LCD screen featuring ECG,NiBP and SpO2, arrhythmia indication and 24 hrs graphical and tabular trends
Features ECG, NiBP, SpO2, Resp, Temp on 10.4" TFT screen with unique night mode, optional ETCO2 and IBP
Plus Oxymeter with display of Plethysmorgraph, signal strength, Numeric value of SpO2 and pulse rate on 7" color TFT LCD screen
Features ECG, NiBP, SpO2, Resp, Temp on 8.4" color TFT screen with arrhythmia detection trends and 7 waveform display with thermal recorder
Features ECG, NiBP, SpO2, Resp, Temp on 12.1" color TFT screen with 7 waveform display, drugdose calculaton, OXYCRG, arrhythmia detection trends.
Biphasic defibrillator with 24 event recording, synchronised cardioversion thermal printing and remote charging or discharging capability.
Monophasic defibrillator with synchronised cardio version, LCD ECG display delivering 360 joules max
Public access Defibrillator(PAD) uses bipahasic technology. Ideal for use in medical centers and public places for revival of sudden cardiac arrest victims.
An advanced Biphasic Defibrillator- monitor with AED mode and short charge time of < 5sec. Optional features are Masimo SpO2, pacer, and Data storage
General purpose mono chrome ultrasound scanner with digital beam former, 10" monitor and up to 1000 image storage capability.
12" foldable LCD screen, with FHR, TOCO and automated foetal movement detection, 25 hrs data storage and built in Li-ion battery
1/4" super HAD, Color CCD 4.4 Mp camera, built-in ultra bright white LED light source with 18x zoom and anti-vibration image acquisition
12.1" high resolution color TFT display with tiltable screen. FHR, TOCO, Feotal Movement, ECG, SpO2, NiBP, Resp, Temp and 25 hrs data storage
Features wireless ECG acquisition windows based stress test software with automatic or manual online printing, post test review, editing.
Features compact light weight digital Holter featuring advanced analysis s/w and optional 12 lead and 3-channel work modes
Features Twin Flow 5 litre/min Oxygen therapy system with >93% purity.
Infusion pump with large blue LCD display. Drip rate & volumetric infusion mode,Air-in-line detection, Unique anti reverse and auto save of last IV
With Blue backlit LCD display micromode & continuous-injection operation modes, pressure release function for occlusion occurred, compatible with all standard syringes.